Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm wanting to eat better. Okay... That's not really true. I love what I eat. What I actually, truly, really want is to *feel* better... Okay, and I want to be thin. That's the truth. I'm pretty sure that's the truth. :-)

I'm remembering the last time I felt truly good and it was in my mid to late twenties. Just a few years after I started eating meat & dairy again, after eating vegan for most of my life.

So, I'm thinking that I'll go back to eating vegan. I've been looking at a lot of web sites, but I'm not wanting to announce this to my existing friends, as I don't want the pressure of them watching me to fail or succeed and I kinda think that I can do it pretty transparently.

I mean, my mom will see it pretty much right away, but no one else needs to know, right?

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